Why Your Child Deserves to Have Straight Teeth

Close up portrait of smiling teen girl showing dental braces. Dunwoody, GA.

Like other concerned parents, you want your son or daughter to have the best dental care in Dunwoody. By age 7, this should include an orthodontic evaluation and any necessary treatment.

But even parents with the best intentions can overlook the importance of having straight teeth.

Here are a few ways your child could benefit from orthodontic help:

Straight Teeth Are Healthier

Because straight teeth are easy to clean, they’ll be less prone to collecting harmful bacteria. The germs that cause gingivitis and cavities are very common among kids. Orthodontic treatment could reduce your child’s need for fillings.

Kids’ Smiles Stay Cleaner with Straight Teeth

Neatly-aligned teeth are easier to keep clean than crooked ones. They’re also less likely to trap stain and smelly food debris. Braces require effort to maintain, but your kid will have gorgeous teeth once they come off.

Early Ortho Intervention Saves Time and Money

It’s easier to catch and treat orthodontic issues while they’re still in the early stages. Braces can take longer (and thus cost more) if it’s not started until the teen years. Also, ortho treatment in childhood can lead to a healthier smile in adulthood, letting your son or daughter put funds towards a car, house, or education rather than dental bills.

Your Child’s Confidence Will Grow

Crooked teeth can make a child feel self-conscious. Even teeth that don’t look crooked can cause trouble, however. Poor overall bite alignment can lead to difficulty chewing, breathing, or speaking. Correcting these issues can help your kid feel more confident in day-to-day activities.

At Dunwoody Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we’ve got orthodontic resources for your entire family. Call us to set up a consultation for your son or daughter.

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