Three Ways Bonding Beautifies Your Smile

Young Couple Smiling Dunwoody GA

No one notices the minor imperfections in your smile like you do. The way your lower left front teeth are slightly chipped, the somewhat too big gap between your upper canine and the bicuspid next to it. Even if no one else sees them, you know they’re there. You know the history behind your smile, and like it or not, you think about it when you look at it in a mirror.

Bonding Can Help You Feel More Confident

Those tiny flaws can feel bigger to you than they appear to anyone else. But if you are self-conscious about smiling and showing off your teeth, it’s time for help!

  • Fill out the chipped area. No matter how you chipped your tooth, it can most likely be fixed with bonding resin. Dr. Ojibway and Dr. Bruce are experts at blending the resin to match your natural tooth color; no one will ever know that a part of your tooth is a restoration!
  • Close the gaps. The same resin that repairs chipped teeth can be applied on either side of an unfortunate gap to make it appear smaller and less noticeable. If your bite isn’t an issue, bonding is the fastest way to correct the extra space.
  • Makeover your smile. Depending on the severity of spacing or damaged teeth, bonding may work to restore your smile. It can be used for multiple teeth at a time, is faster, and more affordable than veneers!

Contact Dunwoody Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to find out if bonding is the best option for your teeth! Your smile can only get better!

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